In the Autumn of 2015 (5-6-7 October) SIMM organized a first international symposium in Ghent and Brussels on practice and research developed around music projects in social and community work contexts.


The presentations included: a critical study of Sistema Venezuela, the practices of Polyphony in Nazareth (Israël) and D.EM.O.S in Paris, a study of West-Eastern Divan Orchestra of Barenboim-Said Foundation, music and incarceration in the violent settings of American prisons, effects of sustained music instruction on children and families displaced by conflict in Colombia, and what characteristics should music interventions have for effective social justice outcomes.

  • 9:00: coffee and croissants
  • 10:00 -> 11:00: presentation by François Matarasso (UK): “Music and social change – Intentions and outcomes” (00:54:39)
  • 11:00 -> 12:00: presentation of research proposals by participants to the SIMM-posium.
  • 12:00 -> 12:30: Q & A
  • 12:30 -> 13:30: lunchbreak
  • 13:30 -> 14:30: presentation by Rachel Beckles Willson (UK): “Playing truth to Power”
  • 14:30 -> 15:30: presentation by Gloria Patricia Zapata Restrepo (Colombia): “Music, resilience and social transformation”
  • 15:30 -> 16:00: break
  • 16:00 -> 17:00: presentation by Nabeel Aboud Ahskar (Israel/Palestine): “Polyphony: bridging the divide between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel by creating a common ground through music”
  • 17:00 -> 18:00: presentation by John Sloboda (UK): “What characteristics should music interventions have for effective social justice outcomes?”
  • 19:45 -> 21:30: public debate around the subject of the symposium, open for general audience) – in collaboration with ‘wetenschapscafé’ (AUGent, Ghent University Association)
  • 09:00 -> 10:00: coffee and croissants
  • 10:00 -> 12:00: debate concerning research topics and methodology considered to be most important for the future research centre SIMM – (moderator: An De Bisschop)
  • 12:00: end of first international SIMM-posium


Distinguished researchers and practitioners gave presentations at this first SIMM-posium: John Sloboda (UK), François Matarasso (UK), Geoffrey Baker (UK), Nabeel Abboud Ashkar (IL), Gloria Patricia Zapata Restrepo (Colombia), Rachel Beckles Willson (UK), André De Quadros (India) and Gilles Delebarre (Fr).


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