SIMM-podcast #3: with John Speyer, Mary Cohen and André de Quadros

In this 3rd SIMM-podcast episode we hear Lukas Pairon interview John Speyer (00:47->12:32) of the UK-based Music in Detention (soon to change its name into Here Me Out) and Mary Cohen (15:30->33:53) from Iowa University.  John Speyer is practitioner and Mary Cohen practitioner-researcher. They will during the 5th annual SIMM-posium both chair sessions in which research will be presented on music in detention contexts (John Speyer on 26th January, and Mary Cohen on 2nd February 2021). During this podcast episode we reflect with them on questions which they hope to be able to discuss with the researchers and practitioners during the SIMM-posium.

Lukas Pairon also interviews musician André de Quadros (12:35->15:29) about his experience working in prisons in the US.