SIMM-podcast #4: with  John Sloboda (UK) and Brydie Bartleet (Australia)

In this 4th SIMM-podcast episode we hear Lukas Pairon interview John Sloboda (03:35->12:45) of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (London, UK) and Brydie Bartleet (12:48->21:52) from Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre (Griffith University, Brisbane, AU).  John Sloboda is founding president of the research-platform SIMM, and Brydie Bartleet is from 2021 on SIMM’s president. During the 5th annual SIMM-posium both chair sessions in which research is presented on intercultural social and community music projects (John Sloboda on 9th February, and Brydie Bartleet on 16th February 2021). During this podcast episode we reflect with them on questions which they hope to be able to discuss with the researchers and practitioners during the SIMM-posium.