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BEWARE!: deadline applications to participate in the 3rd international SIMM-posium (Porto, 19-20th May) is 31 January 2018! see: http://www.simm-platform.eu/planning/simm-posium-3/
SIMM is delighted to start 2018 with the best imaginable news for our recently founded international research platform: Thanks to our co-sponsorship, the highly respected London based Guildhall School just announces that applications are invited for a fully-funded 3-year doctoral studentship in the area of Social Impact of Making Music (SIMM). Closing date for applications is 28th March, with an open day in London for prospective applicants on 7th February. The studentship will begin in September 2018. Full details are here: www.gsmd.ac.uk/simmstudentship

SIMM is organizing and accompanying international annual ‘SIMM-posia’, lectures as well as seminars for scholars, practitioners of music projects in social and community work, funders and governmental representatives, who have in common their interest to do research, or to welcome or support research on the role music making may play in social and community work.

The ambition of the research platform SIMM is to contribute the coming years (2017-2020) to preparing the terrain for the future creation of one or more international research centre(s) able to accompany and certify doctoral and post-doctoral ​research in this field.

Building on the incubation support given since 2015 by the University and the University College of Ghent, SIMM is from September 2017 on – thanks to the financial input from the Belgian Baillet-Latour Fund – established as an independent international scholarly association (asbl/vzw/ltd), with its head office in Brussels.

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