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From 2018-2019 on, researchers associated to the platform SIMM are proposed to attend seminars which will be organised twice a year, during which:

  1. internationally renowned experts (mainly researchers, but also representatives of specific practices) of socio-artistic work will teach and present case studies; these experts remain for several days.
  2. most important: much time is reserved to allow the researchers to present their research to each other and discuss it amongst each other.
  3. public presentations and lectures are organized to which also people from the field of socio-artistic music projects will be invited.
  4. and private meetings are organized between the invited experts and researchers associated to SIMM.
  5. each seminar will focus on particular questions or topics in this field of research, such as for example: setting up comparative research, the organisation of long-term research projects, research on relation between the need for musical, social as well as cultural expertise in developing socio-artistic programmes, research on music projects in prisons…

5-9 November 2018: 1st SIMM-seminar in Helsinki (Kallio-Kuninkala)

The first such research seminars will be organised by SIMM in a close collaboration with the research centre Uniarts (Sibelius Academy / University of the Arts Helsinki) from 5 to 9 November 2018. If you are interested to be informed about the program, please contact Lukas Pairon ( The program of our first ever SIMM-seminar for researchers working in this field is now being developed.