3rd SIMM-seminar

Fondation Royaumont – 30st October to 1st November 2021


Social and cultural actions of musicians – Enhancing the dialogue between practitioners and researchers

Organized by Fondation Royaumont, SIMM, Philharmonie de Paris


Organized by Fondation Royaumont, SIMM and Philharmonie de Paris, this 3rd SIMM-seminar is focussing on the link between research and practice in musical projects with social and cultural impacts. It will take place at the marvellous Abbaye of Royaumont in France.

The seminar will welcome a small group of 9 selected post-graduate students and early-career researchers and 9 selected musicians-practitioners – who are all involved (or interested to be involved) in ongoing research on the role of music in social and community work – to spend a 3-day residency during which they will share their experiences and ideas. Mutual knowledge and deeper understanding of each other missions and professional approaches are sought, with the purpose of fostering synergy between research and action on the ground.  

Skilled facilitators will enable the dialogue between participants through various types of collective work, such as panel discussions, as well as exchanges of ideas and experiences in smaller groups and one-to-one discussions.

Research on artistic and cultural education in schools will not be considered in the framework of this seminar.

The seminar will be preceded by an awareness day on Friday, October 29, 2021 led by the moderators of the seminar for the benefit of musicians participating in the professional training programs or residency programs of the Royaumont Foundation.

Call for participants:

Expressions of interest should be sent no later than 21st June 2021 by email to Lukas Pairon (lukas.pairon@simm-platform.eu).

This should include your name, institutional affiliation, current professional role(s), a 200 word statement of relevant professional experience and background, why you wish to attend this seminar, and what your interest is – as practitioner or as researcher – in research on the role music can play in social and community work.

The selection of those welcomed to be part of this seminar will be communicated before 18th July 2021.

Participants experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for a limited number of SEMPRE bursaries to cover travel expenses, and should indicate their interest in such support along with their expression of interest. Successful applicants for such a support will be notified no later than 31th August 2021.

The organizers of the seminars cover: – the costs of stays (meals and accommodation) during the duration of the seminar, i.e. dinner on October 29, 2021 to lunch on November 1, 2021 – the costs of transfers between Viarmes station and the abbey (one outward transfer and one return transfer).


Scientific committee:

Marta Amico, Université de Rennes 2 / SIMM (FR)

An De Bisschop, University College Ghent / SIMM (BE)

Lukas Pairon, SIMM (BE)

Cécile Prévost-Thomas, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (FR)

Marie-Hélène Serra, Philharmonie de Paris (FR)

Filip Verneert, Luca School of Arts (BE)

Thomas Vernet, Fondation Royaumont (FR)


An De Bisschop, University College Ghent / SIMM (BE)

Filip Verneert, Luca School of Arts (BE)

assisted by: Lukas Pairon, SIMM (BE)


Fondation Royaumont, International center for musicians and dancers

Music and dance brought together 25 years ago, today form the Foundation’s two areas of activity.
Music is structured in two departments: Voice and repertoire, and Musical creation. Dance is covered by the Choreographic creation department. Together with the Educator program and the Libraries and resources departments, which strengthen the Foundation project’s focus on the humanities, the International Center for Music and Dance is thus made up of three arts programs and two general departments.
The priorities are: research, dialogue and transmission of knowledge between artistic languages and practices. A leading proponent of repertoire interpretation is elucidated by the study of historic sources and data of the three libraries.

Music and dance enrich the creative process by rubbing shoulders with other disciplines: visual arts, poetry, literature, theater.


The research platform SIMM was created as an independent organisation in 2017. It focuses on the scientific research concerning the possible roles music-making can play in social and community work. During the last five SIMM-posiums around the world, leading representatives from the fields of musical practice and research met and exchanged their experience. Since 2018, groups of up to 20 early-career researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds can attend the SIMM-seminars during which an intensive seminar programme is offered: www.simm-platform.eu/seminars/

Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris

Equipped with several auditoriums, a museum, a media library and learning spaces, the Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris is a groundbreaking project.  Building on these strengths, it has given itself the task of rethinking the role of music in society, placing it at the core of a welcoming facility that fosters all forms of music appreciation. Located in an up-and-coming eastern Parisian neighbourhood, it is a bridge between the capital and its surroundings and aims to be a gathering place for all. The institution is associated to the world of research in different frameworks: the laboratory of the Musée de la musique, the orchestras Démos and several other educational projects. Each season, it organises several symposiums attended by specialists and general audience. Its Education department takes part in the training of students and musicians in cultural mediation and inclusive education.