This 17th SIMM-podcast episode is focussing on the practice of participatory projects of opera and music theatre.  SIMM-founder Lukas Pairon interviews three wonderful practitioners, who are developing projects in this field: Paulo Lameiro (01’05->25’30), Sarah Théry (26’20->54’30), and Claire Pasquier (54’55->70’10). This is a somewhat longer episode, but we think it makes sense to take the time to listen to the details Paulo, Sarah and Claire give about how they decided to develop their practice.

Referenced during this podcast-episode: Pierre Audi,  Aix-en-Provence FestivalCollectif MeuteDon Giovanni (Mozart)EquinoxBernard FoccroulleLaurent GaudéGulbenkian FoundationPasserelles (Aix-en-Provence)Queen Elisabeth Music ChapelSAMPPeter Sellars8th SIMM research seminar on participatory opera (London, September 2024)Mark Withers