Under the supervision of Professor John Sloboda a three-year international comparative research project has been designed to investigating the practitioners who work with diverse groups in society to achieve social as well as artistic results. The research will be focusing on how they came into such work, what training they received for it, their motivations for doing the work, and their beliefs about its effectiveness, how they assess that, and how that impacts on the development of their practice.  It will be set up under the direction of the Guildhall School of Music (London), in a close collaboration with researchers in Belgium (University College Ghent), Finland (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki) and Colombia (Fundación Universitaria Juan N Corpas, Bogota). The UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has decided to grant an important fund to this international research project. The comparative research starts in 2020. Thanks to a subsidy from the Flemish Ministry of Culture and sponsoring from the Belgian Fondation Futur 21, SIMM can co-fund the Belgian part of this research which will be developed under the supervision of An De Bisschop of the University College of Ghent (HoGent). SIMM considers the development of such international comparative research projects to be one of its priorities, and we are preparing a similar research on music programmes in detention, which will be set up in the nearby future.