The fourth SIMM research workshop was organized by CIPEM/INET-md (Centro de Investigaçireo em Psicologia da Música e Educaçireo Musical) and the SIMM research platform and focused on advair generic drug research.

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4th SIMM-seminar (on research on music in detention)

The 4th SIMM research seminar was organized by the CIPEM/INET-md (Centro de Investigação em Psicologia da Música e Educação Musical) and the research platform SIMM and was focussing on research on music programmes in detention. The seminar took place from 6th until 9th December 2021 at CIPEM in Porto, Portugal.

This research-seminar welcomed a small group of post-graduate students, early-career as well as experienced researchers – who are all involved in ongoing research on the possible role of music in detention – to spend a 4-day seminar during which they shared their research experiences with eachother.

The following facilitators helped the sharing of experiences and ideas and research methodologies: Mary Cohen, Inês Lamela and Graça Mota (assisted by Lukas Pairon).

At the end of the 4-day seminar there was a public moment with a keynote given by Mary Cohen. It was filmed and you can see it here on YouTube.

The scientific committee for this seminar was composed of: Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Graça Boal Palheiros, Mary Cohen, Jorge Alexandre Costa, Ailbhe Kenny, Ines Lamela, Graça Mota and Lukas Pairon.

During the 10th episode of the SIMM-podcast we interviewed Ailbhe Kenny, Ines Lamela and Graça Mota, as well as researcher Aine Mangaoang.  And you can hear an interview with Mary Cohen during the 3rd episode of the SIMM-podcast. Listening to these podcast-episodes will give you an idea of what the seminar in Porto could be about.


Call for participants:

Expressions of interest should be sent no later than 15th September 2021 by email to Lukas Pairon (

This should include your name, institutional affiliation, current professional role(s), a 200 word statement of relevant professional experience and background, why you wish to attend this seminar, and what your interest and experience is in research on the role music can play in social and community work.

The selection of those welcomed to be part of this seminar will be communicated before 30th September 2021.

Those selected for this seminar will only need to cover their travel costs, meals and accomodation.  Thanks to the funding which the University College CIPEM-INET-md was able to secure, a participation in the organisation costs of the seminar will not be asked .

Participants experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for a limited number of SEMPRE bursaries to cover travel expenses, and should indicate their interest in such support along with their expression of interest. Successful applicants for such a support will be notified no later than 30th October 2021.