Since January 2021, we started our own podcast. We already have more than 1400 listeners. The SIMM-podcast proposes interviews with researchers and practitioners involved in developing research on the role music-making can play in social and community projects. Our podcast can be found on more than 10 different podcast-directories, including here on Apple, here on Google, and here on Spotify.

These are the podcast episodes you can already listen to:

– SIMM-podcast #1: with  Geoffrey Baker (UK) and John Sloboda (UK)

– SIMM-podcast #2: with An De Bisschop (Belgium), André de Quadros (USA) and Mattias Laga (Belgium)

– SIMM-podcast #3: with John Speyer (UK),  Mary Cohen (USA) and André de Quadros (USA)

– SIMM-podcast #4: with  John Sloboda (UK) and Brydie Bartleet (Australia)

– SIMM-podcast #5: with Graça Mota (Portugal), Khamis Abu Shaaban (Gaza), Cathy Milliken (Australia), and Bart Maris (Belgium)

– SIMM-podcast #6: with Samuel Araujo (Brazil)

SIMM-podcast #7: with Maria Majno (Italy) and Gillian Howell (Australia)

SIMM-podcast #8: with  Juan Sebastian Rojas (Colombia), Natalia Puerta Gordillo (Colombia) and Tinashe Mutero (Zimbabwe)

SIMM-podcast #9: with  Inês Lamela (Portugal), Dirk Proost (Belgium), Filip Verneert (Belgium) and Sarah Thery (France)

SIMM-podcast #10: with  Inês Lamela (Portugal), Graça Mota (Portugal), Aine Mangaoang (Ireland-Norway) and Ailbhe Kenny (Ireland).

– SIMM-podcast #11: with Gilles Delebarre and Indiana Wollman (DEMOS, France)

SIMM-podcast #12: with Cathy Milliken (Australia), Sean Prieske (Germany) and Frank Heuser (USA)

SIMM-podcast #13: with Fiona Evison (Canada), Bart Maris (Belgium), Georgia Nicolaou (Cyprus) and Patrick Murray (Canada)

– SIMM-podcast #14: with Jonathan Vaughan (UK), Louise Zeitlin (USA), Bernard Foccroulle (Belgium) and André de Quadros (India-USA)