4th SIMM-seminar (on research on music in detention)

The 4th SIMM research seminar is organized by the CIPEM (Centro de Investigação em Psicologia da Música e Educação Musical) and the research platform SIMM and is focussing on research on music programmes in detention. The seminar is planned to take place from 6th until 9th December 2021 at CIPEM in Porto, Portugal.

This research-seminar will welcome a small group of 20 post-graduate students and early-career researchers – who are all involved in ongoing research on the possible role of music in detention – to spend a 4-day seminar during which they will share their research experiences with eachother.

Experienced facilitators will facilitate this sharing of experiences and ideas and research methodologies.

The call for applications for this SIMM-seminar will be published in April and the selection of those welcomed in this seminar will be known before the end of June 2021.